Your website is forgettable. Here’s 5 reasons why!

Let’s face it. It is difficult to attract visitors to your website. Those initial views are your chance to make an impression. You need to seize this and ensure that people do not forget about your site as soon as their browser closes.

If a website offers a unique experience, simple navigation and compelling content, users are more likely to bookmark and return on a regular basis. Even if a site proves effective or useful, there is a lesser chance that visitors will specifically return if is only a mediocre experience.

Here are five possible reasons why viewers aren’t coming back to your site for more:

Your domain

Regardless of what you can or cannot judge a book by, you can certainly judge a site by its title. A domain name that is too long or convoluted is a definite culprit for why your site is forgettable. The names of headlines are also crucial. Make it readily apparent what your website is about and what you have to offer.

Your design

A boring template is not going to make good first impression. Don’t simply use a tired wordpress template that so many other sites feature. Put significant effort into this step and it will pay dividends.

Your navigation

Nothing is more frustrating than bad navigation. If the site is messy and difficult to peruse, users will X out quicker than when a teenager senses a parent looking over their shoulder. A shoddy menu will make visitors remember your site… remember how hard it was to navigate and how negative the experience was overall. Smooth navigation is an absolute essential if you wish for your site to retain any sort of credibility.

Your lack of updates

Regular updates are a must, too. Regularly post quality updates (i.e. blog posts) and keep the content fresh. If you are able to attract viewers back for additional visits to your site, you need to reward them with something new and interesting. A strong website is always growing.

Your content

Don’t forget to have your own unique tone when it comes to your websites content. One option is to seek out editorial contributors to your site. There are a number of resources for finding writers. Simply put, your site has to offer something that can’t be found everywhere else.

These are just five possible reasons that your site isn’t growing as you’d like it to. If you’re doing your best to solve these five issues, but still need some assistance and efficiency, REQUEST A QUOTE from Reign Digital today!