Dealing with Negative Yelp Reviews

Online reputation management is just one of the services that Reign Digital offers to local businesses. Resolving and improving negative publicity, both regionally and internationally, is crucial to any business. Customer review sites like Yelp, Citysearch and TripAdvisor are where many customers go to choose which businesses they may patronize. Reign Digital specializes in making their clients online reputation as positive and inviting as possible.

The most effective response to a negative Yelp review is to handle it in a timely manner. If the negative feedback lingers online, the chance of rectifying it diminishes. By meeting the negative review head-on, a business maintains the ability to appease a disappointed customer before they grow into a disgruntled attacker. When a negative review is posted to Yelp, that reviewer is still in the moment of the lackluster customer experience. If the business’s manager or owner addresses the issue quickly, the chance of regaining that customer’s trust and patronage is much higher. Furthermore, that one negative review, and how the business handled it, shows future potential customers the concern a business has about customer satisfaction.

Another problem businesses have to deal with online is fraudulent reviewers. It is not unheard of for competitors to post negative reviews without justification. If a business is in the practice of immediately confronting all negative feedback on customer review sites, that business is much more likely to identify phony negative reviews. Businesses can report the fraud to the site directly in an attempt to get the review filtered or removed altogether. It is imperative to point out the facts, or the absence of facts, which proves the negative review is a fake. This allows other viewers on Yelp to see how the situation played out chronologically, which can only strengthen online reputation.

When a previous customer genuinely posts a negative review, it is in the best interest of the business to address each facet of the complaint. Do not be vague. Do not gloss over with hollow apologies. Primarily, do not ignore the complainant. Customer reviews are often based on their perception of what a quality product is. Be it roof repair, legal counsel or a cheeseburger, customers respond to what they think is an appropriate service or product. Customers often are unaware of the inner-workings and demands of a business that may sometimes result in delayed service or apparent sub-par product. In the response to an online naysayer, articulate calmly and concisely. Offer to amend any perceived shortcomings. The goal is to regain that customer’s patronage. Provide incentive for them to return. Lastly, do not engage in an online battle that could wind up going viral. That blemish on your online reputation can be overwhelming and will undoubtedly cost you business.

You are able to maintain positive online reputation by following these simple guidelines. By addressing negative reviews quickly and firmly, fraudulent posters are thwarted and dissatisfied customers can be assuaged. However, this level of attention to online customer review sites does take time and diligence. With all the daily tasks and demands that a business endures, monitoring the online reputation can be difficult and negative / fraudulent reviews can easily slip through the cracks.

An experienced Los Angeles reputation management agency like Reign Digital can handle this aspect of your business effectively and efficiently. At Reign Design we know the inner-workings of review sites and are here to guide you. Contact us today!